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Often customers, just like me and you,  can find a coupon code that can help them save even more money on their contact lenses purchases.

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Search for Contact Savings

I had never ordered contact lenses online before, I was always afraid that I would probably receive a knock off product or that the product would be damaged in transit. But, I needed contact lenses and the prices were high so I decided to search the web for discount contact lenses.

contact-lens-coupon-01I found a number of online companies that sell contacts from their web store and then I ventured into reading reviews. had the best reviews by far and when I checked their prices they had the lowest price on the Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus by Alcon that I needed.

I checked a number of other online sites that sold these and found that had these at the best price. I also noticed they had a free return policy which was a good safety net for me and something that made me a bit more confident to buy from the site.

My Coupon Code Experience

Being what I would like to call a frugal and savvy shopper I decided I also needed to see if I could save even more on my purchase.  So, I read a number of reviews and noticed individuals talking about using a coupon code. The reviewers mentioned a number of great things about the company, but the idea of using a coupon code really grabbed my attention.

This embarked me on a search for this coupon code, and what I found was a $5 off coupon!  While $5 off may not seem to be much to some people, it made a significant difference for me.

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I went back to the site, found my contact lenses, add them to my cart, and added the coupon code which worked perfectly. 

Post Check-Out Experience

My contact lenses from Discount Contact Lenses came just one week after my order. What I had not told you was that I was supposed to fax in my prescription but forgot. The people over at DiscountContactLenses pulled out all the stops and contacted my doctor’s office and How-Contact-Lenses-Workobtained my prescription.

This took a day or two to accomplish and I still got my order within a week. I can imagine had I faxed in my prescription I would have had my order sooner. I was and am still very impressed about how well they handled the situation and how quickly they expedited the whole process for me.

Did I also mention that along with using the coupon code for $5 off, I also received free shipping? Added to that an adjustment had to be made to my order and they promptly emailed me to show me the correction.


I was very pleased with my experience with this company. I am super happy I found the coupon code. This site worked well for me, and their customer service was just top of the line.

I would definitely recommend purchasing from this company and you should always be on the lookout for a coupon code. Find one here, just click the box to reveal the code to see how you can save some more on their already affordable prices.

I was so pleased with the service that they offer I had to write this review. I want more persons like me who want to save on their name brand contact lenses to find what they need for a more comfortable life at a more affordable price.

Want to save on your contact lenses too? Take advantage the coupon code and save today!